We help vital industries in Australia strengthen their investments in heavy equipment and infrastructure. Our technology uses ultrasonic energy to enhance the performance of metal and extend its utility. We offer solutions that are easily adaptable to a variety of working environments.


Application of the tool on a mulitpass weld

Weld inspection prior to UIT application

Bucket tooth cover in place

Cover removed and area showing UIT treament

Marked up bucket awaiting UIT treament

AUA employee applying final blending procedure

Final blended material

Close up of final blended material

UIT equipment in workshop

Gouged crack awaiting treament

Blended corner following UIT treatment

Multipass weld during treatment

Completed bucket


Excavator Track Frame

Gouged out area prior to treatment

Treated area

Overview of track frame



Dragline On-site

Cracked area

Crack gouged out

Pre - final UIT blend

Final blended area



Bridge repair showng UIT flexibility to work in unusal locations

Bridge repair in progress


Truck Bodies/Chassis

Truck chassis rail in for repair

Truck chassis rail prior to repairs

Truck chassis rail being removed

Chassis rail after removal

Chassis rail during UIT treament

Chassis rail after UIT treament and final blend


Shovel Sticks

Shovel sticks before repair

Critical area to be repaired

Repair area

Repair area


Ripper Tynes

Ripper tyne during treament

Ripper tyne during treatment

Completed and painted ripper tyne



Excavator boom awaiting crack repair

Area of cracking

Pre - final UIT blend

Final UIT blend

Final blend

Completed job


Drag Adaptor

Bucket showing drag adaptor

Adapator prior to UIT Treatment

Pre - final UIT blend



Robotics applying UIT to camshaft

Robotics applying UIT to camshaft

Root pass being applied to a test sample

Farm rotovator flanges before treatment

Farm rotovator flanges before treatment