Applied Ultrasonics
We help vital industries in Australia strengthen their investments in heavy equipment and infrastructure. Our technology uses ultrasonic energy to enhance the performance of metal and extend its utiliy. We offer solutions that are easily adaptable to a variety of working environments.



- Application of operational Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT) technologies in production of welded joints.

- Introductory fatigue tests on welded joints in high strenth steel and aluminium improved by various methods including UIT.

- The influence of Ultrasonic Impact Treatment of fatigue behavior of welded joints in high strenth steel.

- Fatigue strength enhancement by means of weld design change and the application of the Ultrasonics Impact Treatment.

- Post weld treatment of a welded bridge girder by Ultrasonic Impact Treatment.

- Efficiency evaluation of UIT on welded joints in Weldox 420 steel in accordance with the IIW program.

- Enhancing fatigue stength by UIT.

- Fatigue strength of longitudinal attachment improved by UIT.

- Guide for Application of UIT.

- Comparison of the improvements in corrosion fatigue stength of weld repair of Bronze propellers by UIT and Heat treatments.

- Improving fatigue strength of welded joints using UIT.

- Rehabilitation of welded joints using UIT.

- Physics and Mechanisms of UIT.

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